Common sense would dictate that both EA and PMO groups have their common cause: working together to deliver the strategic change that senior executives desire. But can they break down the silos to ensure the very survival and relevance of their functions within the organization?

The question is not about whether EA and PMOs can, or should, work together. It is about how and when they will start to do so effectively—much like Southwest Airlines—for the good of their organizations and themselves. Align Your EA and PMO Teams around Common Causes for Greater Business Success uncovers the following challenges that arise when EA and PMO teams focus too much on projects and systems rather than delivering on strategy:

  • Both EA and PMO groups need to do more to deliver the expected and desired strategic benefits that businesses require
  • When EA and PMO groups try to fix their own issues without regard to the other, it is not a recipe for success
  • Senior executives remain disappointed with the results that both groups deliver

Align Your EA and PMO Teams around Common Causes for Greater Business Success, authored by former Gartner Research Director, Mark McGregor for Changepoint, also provides actions for both the EA and PMO groups to consider when taking deliberate actions to align.

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