The story

About ABSL Power

The ABSL Power solutions are experts in designing and producing the most powerful, intelligent and reliable power solutions for users who demand high performance and reliability. ABSL offers complete system solutions from the design and development of its own lithium-ion cells, design of control electronics and SMART communications, assembly of battery packs, to design and assembly of SMARTH charging systems. ABSL remains at the forefront of the industry by actively researching and evaluating new portable power technologies. The company’s worldwide customer base spans the defense, space, aerospace, marine and industrial markets. Currently, the ABSL Power Solutions group comprises 4 operating companies operating from the UK and the US:

  • ABSL Power Solutions Limited
  • ABSL Space Products
  • AGM Batteries Limited
  • ABSL Power Solutions Incorporated

The Challenge

In 2004, ABSL Power’s customer base was located mostly in the UK, but the company wanted to tap into the U.S. market within a twelve-month period. Before implementing Daptiv PPM by Changepoint, ABSL Power utilized a few different systems to help manage Material Resource Planning (MRP) and finances.

“We had multiple layers of reporting that were too cumbersome and they could only be used by very few people. We began looking into a system that could branch from the UK, based on project management needs,” says Andrea Bennetti, Project Manager, U.S. Programs.

Specifically, ABSL Power needed a way to measure resource control specifically for the project management and financial groups. At the top of the list of needs was a hosted, collaborative environment that could provide flexibility in creating applications that fit their unique needs. In addition, it was important for ABSL to be able to control permissions and access points based upon different roles and groups.

The Solution

When researching different project management and collaboration vendors, ABSL heard about Daptiv PPM from another company.

“I previously worked on a project with Honeywell, who had been using (then eProject) Daptiv PPM at the time and it seemed to be working very well for them. It was a great reason to start looking into Daptiv PPM for our company,” explains Bennetti.

ABSL chose Daptiv PPM because of the ease of use and the fact that the tool can be utilized by multiple groups within the company. As part of the implementation process, Bennetti began developing dynamic applications and applying those to different functions within the business. The rollout of these dynamic applications functioned as a “pilot” to get everyone on board and using Daptiv PPM.

Now, there is wide-spread use of Daptiv PPM within the company. The groups that are currently using Daptiv PPM within ABSL are the U.S. Integration Management, New Product Production, and numerous other internal groups.

“We don’t push all of Daptiv PPM’s functionality upon all groups because we realize that there are different functions within the company that have different uses for the tool. For example, one group may not utilize dynamic applications but organization-wide, everyone uses document controls and notifications,” says Bennetti.

The Results

The overall benefit of Daptiv PPM for ABSL is, “It is easier to manage more projects at once now that we can streamline each business process. In our industry, each project can span over a year or more. It significantly impacts our business to be able to manage these projects more effectively,” says Bennetti.

In particular, ABSL has embraced Daptiv PPM’s dynamic application functionality. “Daptiv’s whole suite of Dynamic Applications gives us flexibility. So far, we have developed approximately 15–20 Dynamic Applications and we are trying to develop even more right now,” says Bennetti.

ABSL uses Daptiv PPM’s dynamic applications to help manage functions specific to Human Resource and manufacturing and formal requests. Even the financial department uses the dynamic applications to gain more visibility into projects and resources. Overall, the benefit of Daptiv PPM can be tied back to productivity. Says Bennetti, “I’d say that on average, we have significantly reduced the amount of time spent on projects…on average, we have increased our productivity by 30% now that we’ve started using Daptiv PPM.”

More on Dynamic Applications

Daptiv PPM provides an innovative and easy to use tool that allows you to create what we call Dynamic Applications. You don’t have to be a developer, the wizard interface helps you select your data fields, and schedule workflows, and even do calculations on the data you’re capturing. It automatically gives you a form in html that you can put on your intranet or internet to capture inputs from your collaborators, always bringing it back to the central database, so this information becomes part of your business. You can roll up the data, include it in dashboards and reports—all the things you can do with information from the other applications that make up Daptiv PPM. The new “dynamic application” just shows up with an icon in your Daptiv PPM user interface, and you can decide whether it’s just for one project or for the entire organization to use. You won’t get this innovation from other suppliers of project management applications, it’s unique to Changepoint.




Expanding globally and reaching new markets


Daptiv PPM by Changepoint


  • ABSL was looking to expand into a global market space, and realized that the current resources in place to help with project management were too complex and cumbersome for anyone to utilize.
  • Instead of rolling out full functionality to everyone within the company, ABSL started with a small pilot with a few applications and provided a path for different groups to utilize the applications that best fit their needs. ƒ
  • On average, ABSL has increased productivity by 30% by reducing the amount of time dedicated to administering projects.

"The Daptiv PPM by Changepoint suite of Dynamic Applications gives us flexibility. So far, we have developed approximately 15-20 Dynamic Applications and we are trying to develop even more right now."

Andrea Bennetti

Project Manager, U.S. Programs, ABSL Power