Now more than ever, portfolio status and reporting are crucial to aligning business strategy and execution. Project Management Organizations (PMOs) around the world are being propelled into an increasingly remote workforce—one trend that was already giving PMO leaders a barrier to navigate prior to this global crisis. 

It’s unlikely that PMOs are able to account for the risks of all unforeseen circumstances and situations. Take for example the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been simple for them to project what those risks may look like going forward.  

Whenever you’re ready, you can download this Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Buyer’s Guide to: 

  • Reinvigorate your project portfolio planning and execution 
  • Help your organization mature from PMO to EPMO 
  • Amplify resources to help with PPM adoption 
  • Begin your PPM vendor evaluation process 

PPM software has been used by PMOs for decades. But, like most software platforms the functionality of PPM is becoming ubiquitous to the enterprise. No longer is PPM only applicable to a handful of resources in the business, it is a shared responsibility across every division, team and individual. 

In today’s agile business environment every resource is participating in your portfolio of projects, and adaptable tools that enable them to be proactive in those portfolios are crucial to enabling better business outcomes. 

In the 2020 update of our annual PPM Buyer’s Guide we’ll bring you up to date on the latest PPM market trends and the project management landscape. Not only will the guide bring you up-to-speed so you can remain an informed expert – but it will help you identify the critical capabilities needed in a PPM solution so that you can recognize and overcome common PMO barriers. 

After reading the guide you will be in a position to: 

  • Intelligently discuss the PPM market in 2020 
  • Understand your organization’s PPM maturity level
  • Assess the kind of ROI you can expect to see by adopting an adaptable PPM solution 
  • Effectively select the right PPM vendor for your business 
  • Know how to drive adoption of your PPM tool 
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