Today’s rapidly changing, digitally-driven markets and intense battle for customers demand organizations execute with unprecedented speed and agility.

In our second annual Business Agility Survey Report, we surveyed over 640 project managers, PMO leaders, business leaders and individual contributors from project management offices worldwide, with the goal of learning more about the agility of today’s businesses, and evaluate the challenges to building a nimbler organization.

Survey respondents revealed that despite increasing adoption of and experimentation with agile work management, business agility remains elusive, with organizations less confident in their ability to adapt to today’s dynamic business environment than they were a year ago.

Other key findings included:

  • Organizations are looking to agile methodologies more than ever
  • Cherry-picking agile methodologies leads to uninformed, unfocused organizations 
  • Lightweight tools don’t fix the problem–in fact, tool proliferation makes it worse

Download the full report to learn more about what’s standing in the way of business agility, and the steps organizations can take in adopting agile steps that will lead to true competitive advantage.

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