The story

About Ethias

Ethias is a leading Belgian insurance company. With nearly a century of history, it was created in 1919 as a mutual and today it still adheres strictly to a comprehensive CSR strategy to guide its every action and development.

Today, Ethias counts governments, companies and individuals amongst its clients. It manages client relationships directly, without a network of intermediaries and its objective is to develop those relationships on a basis of mutual trust.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Changepoint’s solutions, Ethias had no standard format for data files and information was difficult to locate. In addition, Benoit Boulanger, IT Office Manager at Ethias faced the challenge of driving digital transformation at the organization.

His challenge was to help Ethias to move away from its smaller, limited vision of project portfolio management to a larger scope that encompasses enterprise portfolio management and opportunity planning.

Without a central repository, time was spent searching for files and it was difficult to drive digital transformation without the required level of standardization and organization in the PMO.

The Solution

Once Ethias had created their vision of the future – a well designed environment to integrate many sources of data and create a PPM function to support and develop these practices – they were able to select the tools to help them on their way.

“In order to drive adoption and promote corporate governance, Ethias needed a flexible, easy to use and intuitive solution,” commented Benoit Boulanger.

He added: “We identified Daptiv from Changepoint as the PPM solution that met our needs because it was easy to manage, viable and usable. The tool needed to be intuitive to use and versatile in both implementation and usage.”

Once Daptiv had been implemented, Ethias developed a vision of where they wanted to go in terms of enterprise portfolio management (EPM): this was a well defined solution based on business cases and priorities, with a 360-degree view of the environment.

Ethias adopted barometerIT from Changepoint to drive their EPM vision and allow them to have greater visibility.

The Results

Equally important is the ability to identify dependencies between projects and the possibility of shaping project portfolios.

“barometerIT allows us to see the connections between all the different areas of our business,” commented Benoit Boulanger.

He concluded: “EPM with barometerIT provided us with a vision to manage portfolios and to limit disruption of future problems. Added value should come quickly.”




Lacked a central file repository, and had no overall view of projects and resources. Needed to standardize file formats and strengthen governance


Daptiv for PPM
barometerIT for Enterprise

Portfolio Management


Using the Daptiv solution has increased visibility to data in real time, revealing new opportunities.

"We identified Daptiv from Changepoint as the PPM solution that met our needs because it was easy to manage, viable and usable."

Benoit Boulanger

IT Office Manager, Ethias