Benoit Boulanger, IT Office Manager at Ethias, shares how Ethias, a leading Belgium insurance company, is managing its digital transformation journey. Likening the before state to that of a jungle, Boulanger discusses how Ethias has gone from a smaller, limited vision of its project portfolio and potential to a larger scope that encompasses enterprise portfolio management and opportunity planning. He states the new vision looks more like the gardens of Versailles than a jungle.

With the right tool in place to manage the journey, Ethias is able to navigate projects and identify opportunities to innovate better than before. The organization can apply a level of governance and standardization that, supported by a centralized repository for data, makes it easier and simpler to do the right projects at the right time.

Watch the webinar to learn about Ethias’s biggest takeaways and how they’ve gone from the jungle to Paris’s famous Versailles gardens.