Resource management is critical to successful project management: to meet goals, successfully complete projects, and help your organization stay competitive, your PMO must be diligent about resource management.

As your PMO works though some of the most common resource management-related challenges—building the right teams, handling unplanned requests, scope creep, clarifying assumptions around timelines and budgets—it is important to remember that addressing these issues doesn’t look like what it used to.

Download the It IS My Circus: Juggling Resource Management white paper, get up to speed on optimizing your workforce in this new era, and achieve the very best in resource management. You’ll find insider tips and insights on where to focus, including:

  • Getting the right technological support
  • Smarter planning
  • Balancing supply and demand
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Humanizing your capital

By following a few quick steps that reframe the problem at large, PMO leaders can tackle the resource management challenge with the right combination of technology, visibility, and people.

You already oversee project practices and oversight, but by making your PMO the organizational center for project staffing—using your PPM tool to take into account skills, strengths, growth areas, and values of your human capital—your people—you will continue to prove the value of your PMO to the business with better workplace morale and increased project success.

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