The story

About Precor

Precor is a leading home and commercial fitness equipment manufacturer and subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s largest sports equipment company. What sets Precor apart is its strong emphasis on ergonomic motion, proven science, and superior engineering, which is the force behind the company’s ability to continually advance the fitness industry and offer new breakthrough product categories, including: EFX® Elliptical, Adaptive Motion Trainer® “AMT®” and Preva® Networked Fitness.

The Challenge

Precor’s Systems Application and Products (SAP) team operates under a global parent company with unique processes, protocols, and business objectives, which often presents a unique set of challenges. Precor’s SAP team was not only faced with the task of fielding and prioritizing its own incoming project requests, but also simultaneously mapping them back to the broader business plans and objectives of Amer Sports.

Prior to adopting Daptiv PPM, Precor’s SAP team received project requests in an often informal and unstructured manner—from conversations in team meetings and hallway exchanges, to senior management instruction. Without a formal mechanism to capture these requests, the team relied heavily on Excel and PowerPoint to organise and present project information.

In addition to maintaining local requests, Precor was also required to report within a second layer of Amer Sports’ project management tools, including an inefficient Request for Change process database. This combination of loose tracking methods yielded disappointing results, and made it difficult to monitor or analyse project information. Lacking access to real-time data, key decision makers were left with informational gaps that prohibited strategic decision making regarding prioritisation, when to initiate projects, and how to time them in order to maximise efficiency.

Recognizing his team lacked the tools for clear communication and collaboration necessary for success, Clinton Pawlick, Senior Application Delivery Manager for SAP, and Keith Putt, Director of Information Technology, determined that implementing a project portfolio management (PPM) solution at Precor was crucial to increasing business performance and enabling strategic planning. At the outset, Pawlick determined the core capability Precor’s SAP team needed from a PPM solution was the ability to create a capacity report by tracking and presenting an overview of project data in a flexible way – on a project-by-project and resource-by-resource basis.

The Solution

After ruling out any of their existing tools and evaluating other PPM solutions, Putt and Pawlick determined Daptiv PPM was the ideal solution for Precor due to its configurability and intuitive user interface. After a seamless implementation process of just a few weeks, Precor’s SAP team was up and running with Daptiv PPM. Its configurability and ease of use make Daptiv PPM an ideal tool for a company like Precor that is still in the initial phases of incorporating traditional project management techniques within its IT initiatives.

“Daptiv PPM is fluid, easy to use, and made logical sense, all of which played a big part in driving quick adoption within the team,” said Pawlick. Without having any prior experience, members of the SAP team were quickly able to leverage core features to ramp up.

Not only has Daptiv PPM increased individual accountability around project responsibilities, but having a collective view that illustrates how the completion of one task affects another, as well as entire projects, has fostered a more holistic sense of responsibility across the team. That’s something Pawlick is looking forward to seeing spread through the expansion of the solution’s use by additional teams and departments at Precor.

“Daptiv PPM has given us the opportunity to showcase improved proficiencies through effective project management, and to lead the charge in assisting our newly formed PMO office in continuing this success through the use of this powerful solution,” said Pawlick.

The Results

Since deploying Daptiv PPM, Pawlick has seen a demonstrable improvement in the way projects are organized and accomplished through the setting of goals, measuring progress, and conveying status in a fluid and adaptable way. He’s also witnessed an incredible difference in the way his team works together during every project phase. There’s complete transparency into data from new requests, and initial research or discovery, to planned and active projects. This data empowers strategic decision-making regarding which projects should be started and when based on real-time information regarding resource capacity. Additionally, because these timing decisions are backed by up-to-date information within Daptiv PPM, it allows those who have submitted an IT request to better understand reasoning for how their project is prioritized.

Daptiv PPM’s highly configurable reporting features allow the team to view and present each facet of a project to executives, managers, and team members in order to foster a collaborative approach to ensuring project health. These features also allow the SAP team to track every project’s status throughout the week in real-time, which has made team meetings more valuable, engaging, and focused on the specific steps needed to keep projects moving, versus just static roundtable status updates.

Once a project has been completed within Daptiv PPM, Pawlick and his team are able to save the data for future recommendations on similar projects regarding time, cost, and resource estimations. “Continually reinventing the same process makes it nearly impossible to achieve any kind of economy of scale or efficiency. Daptiv PPM stores the invaluable data we’ve collected during past projects and takes things a step further by providing a template approach to new initiatives, which allows for constant improvement with every new project,” said Pawlick.


Fitness Equipment Manufacturing


Inability to strategically prioritize projects due to unstructured processes and disjointed data


Daptiv PPM by Changepoint


  • Increased visibility into all phases of projects including initial requests, research and discovery, and status updates
  • Intuitive user experience empowered team members to succeed in project management roles while also achieving core responsibilities
  • Enabled strategic project prioritization to optimize planning of resource availability and key business goals in real time

"Daptiv PPM by Changepoint increased our collaboration through new levels of transparency into each project phase. It’s also allowed Precor’s Systems Application and Products (SAP) team to close the loop between resource and project management through its light-touch, high-impact features."

Clinton Pawlick

Senior Application Delivery Manager, Precor