A guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions

Whether you are an established PMO, maturing to an EPMO, a New Product Development Organization, or just starting to explore the benefits of Portfolio Management, this guide can help you on your journey. In today's increasingly complex world, spreadsheets are no longer enough. An adaptive, powerful PPM solution can help your organization achieve better business outcomes.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)?
Chapter 2 : Managing Portfolios vs. Projects
Chapter 3: Resource Management
Chapter 4: Reporting & Analytics
Chapter 5: PPM for New Product Development (NPD)
Chapter 6: Managing Project Costs
Chapter 7: Elevate your PMO with Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)
Chapter 8: Who We Serve
Chapter 9: Integrate with Anything
Chapter 10: World-Class PPM Service Offerings


Chapter 1

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Project Portfolio Management is a comprehensive solution for portfolio planning, project and program tracking, and portfolio analytics that provides a single source of truth across all methods of work including waterfall, agile, lean and hybrid models.

Why is Project Portfolio Management software so important? Organizations grow, evolve, and succeed by creating projects that help them drive their strategies. Every project should contribute to an organization's success, yet often projects are created and executed within a vacuum. Project Portfolio Management aligns organizational strategy to execution by providing PPM and PMO leaders visibility into their entire project portfolio in one location. 

Portfolio planning, project tracking, and portfolio monitoring can feel like insurmountable feats when managed in spreadsheets. It is critical to select a PPM solution that supports your needs. 

"Changepoint PPM has improved our project management activities by capturing and reporting data we were not able to easily capture previously. It's saved time on both the front end (PM inputs) and back end (reporting to Leadership)."
- PMO Leader, S&P 500 Financial Services Firm

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Chapter 2

Managing Portfolios vs. Projects

As PMOs mature, focus shifts from managing individual projects to managing broader portfolios of projects, programs, and initiatives

Project Portfolio Management is necessary for today's speed of change. Improving the outcomes of projects and programs is essential to drive your organization’s success. Changepoint is an industry leader with a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that works with you to increase the impact of your PMO.         

Over 95% of Changepoint PPM customers report using multiple project methodologies. Waterfall, Agile, Lean, or hybrid models all have benefits depending on the type of project. Changepoint PPM was built to work with your processes and to evolve as you update those processes. Consolidate your portfolio data in one place by connecting to JIRA or other tools.

As a single source of truth with our powerful analytics platform, you can make quick and accurate portfolio decisions to optimize business outcomes.

"Changepoint PPM has increased the maturity of our PMO by providing visibility to the status of multiple projects very quickly. PMs can resolve issues quickly and the reporting is far superior to our previous home-grown solution."
- Curtis Wampler, Program Manager, Fluor Corporation

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Chapter 3

Resource Management

Matching resources to demand can be a complex exercise, especially when multiple projects are competing for a limited set of resources.

How do you balance the needs of your projects with the needs of your team members? Are the people with the right skillsets available at the right time? Are you keeping your team members challenged, but not overwhelmed?

Resource Management with PPM

Balancing your resources correctly will lead to improved project outcomes and higher satisfaction among your team members and stakeholders. Changepoint PPM provides the tools you need to optimize resource utilization through oversight and control.

  • Defining resource requirements
  • Allocating resources to projects & programs
  • Setting resource thresholds 

Resource Capacity Planning with SPM

The Changepoint Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) module assists in top-down resource planning to align demand with available capacity. Visualize the impact on available capacity across multiple scenarios, allowing you to plan ahead and adjust quickly. 

"Some of the biggest wins for us with Changepoint PPM have been through greater visibility into resource requirements and allocations at both the manager and executive levels."
- Solution Architect, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Firm 

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Chapter 4

Reporting & Analytics

Enable faster and more accurate decision-making with intuitive dashboards, AI-powered insights, and advanced analytics capabilities.

Changepoint Analytics powered by IBM Cognos

Making the right portfolio decisions requires PPM data from multiple teams and often from different systems. It is critical to be able to bring this data together to create a clear picture of all activity across your portfolio and how it may impact budgets, resources, and outcomes. 

Changepoint PPM was designed to seamlessly connect data from your ERP, Agile tools, and other sources so you can see the data you need when you need it, and trust that you have the most accurate information available. 

Combine this with our leading-edge Analytics platform and you have the power to visualize and predict roadblocks and forecast outcomes. Natural language software and an intuitive UI make Changepoint Analytics easy to use, even for those not formally trained in business intelligence. But when you do need help, Changepoint has experts on staff to help you create the reports and dashboards you need for fast, consistent, reliable portfolio reviews with deep insights for you and your executive leadership.

"Changepoint PPM supports a common approach to evaluate, prioritze, manage and control investments within our multi-national business group and supports value-adding Executive Reporting."
- Finance Manager, Large Enterprise Transportation Services Firm

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Chapter 5

Project Portfolio Management for New Product Development (NPD)

Speed time-to-value for new products

So many product ideas, so little time. Much like Project organizations, Product teams tend to have more ideas than they have the ability to execute.

How do you identify which idea will be the "next big product"? How do you evaluate your options side by side to identify the best potential ROI, and how do you get buy in on those priorities? Finally, how do you deliver those products on time so you can fully realize the returns. 

Changepoint PPM will work with your New Product Development Organization to help you invest in the right projects and the right time, deliver new products to market more quickly, then track, report, and provide insights on your progress. 

"Changepoint PPM brought visibility to our resource constraints, prioritization needs, and an overall picture of our New Product Development (NPD) process."
- Product Development Leader (NPD), Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company

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Chapter 6

Managing Project Costs

Insight into ongoing project costs helps minimize overruns and improve outcomes.

PMOs, EPMOs, NPD organizations and more are being asked to do more with less. Controlling costs and increasing the ROI on project and product investments requires real-time visibility into your financials.

Are your best people working on the highest impact projects? Can you quickly answer executive questions around three-year cost projections? 

Changepoint PPM empowers you to improve the bottom line and contribute greater business value with visibility into financials for reporting and planning.

"Changepoint PPM has improved the executive visibility into the portfolio, elevated the maturity of our PMO, optimized resource allocation and cost management, and enhanced our reporting capabilities."
- PPM Leader, Medium Enterprise Banking Firm

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Chapter 7

Elevate your PMO with Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

The Strategic Portfolio Management module works with PPM to elevate and accelerate portfolio planning. Assess, prioritize, and roadmap initiatives. Explore what-if scenarios, manage constrained resources, and align your portfolio with business strategy.


Align project intake with the strategic goals each initiative supports in a digital Kanban board. Visualize the planning lifecyle from concept to delivery. 


How do you get a large group of stakeholders to agree on prioritization? It begins with a simple, collaborative tool that ensures every opportunity is measured against agreed-upon criteria.


Schedule your initiatives with a clear view into resource availability to optimize your output and create more successful business outcomes. 

Continuous Planning

In today's business environment, it is more important than ever to make sure your PMO or EPMO is working on the right projects at the right time. Annual planning cycles are not frequent enough to meet your organization's goals. 

The SPM planning module, loosely integrated with Changepoint Project Portfolio Management gives you the power to plan at the speed of change. 

"Changepoint SPM has streamlined our portfolio planning process by providing intuitive, collaborative boards to visualize our projects, roadmaps, and priorities. We can make quick decisions on allocation in real time."
- PMO Leader, Small Business Transportation Services Firm

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Chapter 8

Who We Serve

Changepoint Project Portfolio Management is a powerful tool for a range of roles in your organization. From our market-leading analytics and dashboards to our detailed resource management tools, users can find what they need to make decisions and execute projects.

PMO & EPMO Leaders

PMO Leaders need to consistently deliver quality results while providing business stakeholders with the information they need to make quality decisions. Changepoint PPM connects you to the details you need.

IT PMO Leaders

Whether you are using Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid methods for projects, Changepoint PPM can consolidate that information into a single portfolio dashboard. This single source of truth give you control to effectively manage your portfolio. 

Executive Stakeholders

CIOs, CTOs, and more can understand portfolio progress and make informed decisions with Changepoint PPM dashboards and our analytics platform. 

Resource Managers

Make informed resource allocation decisions to optimize capacity and utilization. By putting the right people on the right projects at the right time, you can increase the success of your projects, programs, and initiatives. 

New Product Development

NPD Leaders need to evaluate the strategic fit and potential ROI of new product requests. Changepoint PPM helps you identify and select product opportunities and drive them to market.

Project Managers

Manage the progress of your initiatives with a highly configurable solution that maps to your existing processes. Effectively track and report on progress, roadblocks, and successes with Changepoint PPM

"Changepoint PPM provides greater visibility into projects and next steps, making PMs more productive and Executives better informed."
- Curtis Wampler, Program Manager, Fluor Corporation

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Chapter 9

Integrate with Anything

Changepoint's Integration as a Service team will build and maintain key integrations for you, so all PPM data is consolidated into a single source of truth. Dashboards and analytics will now have a complete view of your portfolio, offering real-time insights to improve decision making.

We do the work

In today's world, software should be able to integrate with almost anything, but that doesn't mean it is easy. Your business is unique, you've customized your current software to your needs so out-of-the-box integrations just don't cut it. You could try to find your own internal resources to build integrations, but you'd have to pull them from other projects. 

This is where Changepoint's Integration as a Service comes in. Our experts have the experience and the skills to seamlessly connect your systems to consolidate all of your PPM information in one place. 

We keep doing the work

Once your integrations are built, Changepoint sticks with you to maintain those connections through software updates and strategic changes.

Integrations to Agile Systems

The influence of Agile methodology continues to grow and change the way we execute projects. Yet most companies have adapted tools like JIRA or Azure DevOps for their specific execution methods. Changepoint will take the time to understand your needs and implementation of Agile tools to create the seamless connections you need to our Project Portfolio Management solution. 

As our customer Rick Koeller, PPM Leader for CIRA says, "Changepoint PPM is the one source that provides management with visibility of work underway in the organization. Our Agile methods don't provide those insights/visibility on their own."

Integrations to ERPs

Changepoint PPM is a powerful tool to help you control costs and understand the financial impacts of your initiatives. Our experts know how critical this information is to making decisions and  understanding the full value of your PMO. Whether you use Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, or another solution, we can build and maintain that connection. 

Integrations with Reporting Tools

You have your own data systems and business analytics tools that you are comfortable with, like Tableau or PowerBI. Changepoint PPM can integrate with your existing reporting systems so your analysts and executives can get a 360 view of the data you need to make the right decisions. 

Integrations for User Management

It would be great if we could build a high-performing team and keep them forever, but our organizations are always evolving. Connect Changepoint PPM to user management systems such as Active Directory or HRMS to simplify and streamline your user management on the backend. 

"Changepoint PPM is very easy to customize and to integrate with other programs and tools."
- Product Development Leader (NPD), Large Enterprise Automotive & Transport Firm

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Chapter 10

World-Class Service Offerings

Changepoint is committed to helping your organization reach its goals. Our consultants have real-world PMO experience to help you drive your business forward.

The Customer Journey

Changepoint Customer Success Managers work with you to understand your challenges, your goals, and to move you through our Customer Journey so you can optimize your experience. Many of our CSMs joined our team after developing a passion for our PPM solution working for our customers. 

CSMs stick with you on your journey to help you succeed.


Changepoint's Integration as a Service team will build and maintain key integrations for you, so all PPM data is consolidated into a single source of truth. From ERPs to CRMs to Agile tools and Data Warehouses, we can aggregate your data so your dashboards and analytics have a complete view of your portfolio, offering real insights into your business.

Analytics Assurance

Now that your data is consolidated, how do you take advantage of Changepoint's industry-leading analytics platform? Analytics Assurance can help guide you through the process to create the reports and dashboards you need to quickly make the right decisions to move your business forward. 

Adoption Services

Powerful tools still need people to use them. Make the most of your implementation of Changepoint PPM as we help your organization engage with our solutions.

Changepoint Education Services

Adding more users? Need to better understand our latest release? Changepoint Education Services is a powerful learning platform to get you and your team engaged quickly and successfully leveraging the power of our PPM solution

And more...

Need more support? Just ask.

We offer multiple service offerings, a vibrant customer community, and experienced CSMs to help you achieve your goals. 

"Changepoint PPM is easy for new users to learn. It provides flexibility to configure to your specific needs and they have outstanding customer support."
- PPM Leader, Medium Enterprise Banking Firm

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