The story

About Schweizer Electronic AG

Schweizer Electronic AG is the third largest producer of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in Europe. The company is recognized as a technology leader, with a reputation for innovative solutions that support trends such as mobility and energy efficiency. With over 150 years of family history behind it, the Schramberg-based company is listed on the Stuttgart and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges, and, with around 770 employees, generated sales of 120.1 million euros in the 2017 financial year.

The Challenge

Project management plays an important role in the company, as the core business revolves around customized PCBs produced according to customer specifications. This customization requires the development of products for customers as well as the creation of the manufacturing processes. Added to this are IT projects and process enhancements, which are driven by innovation and are independent of individual customer projects.

The projects at Schweizer Electronic encompass the entire product life cycle from prototype to large-scale production. A Project Management Steering Committee supervises the entirety of the projects. Although the projects were clearly documented by the individual project managers – the fact that there was standard PPM tool in use meant that there was no uniformity and transparency for an overall view of the current project portfolio.

Schweizer Electronic’s business model is project-driven. Product and process development projects have been managed in the past by project leaders using in-house developed Excel tools. But across the board, there was a lack of transparency and overviews of the large number of projects. From the point of view of the management, the coordination of the various projects was inadequate. Greater control of the entire project portfolio through planning tools was needed to help to improve efficiency and quality.

The Solution

One of Schweizer Electronic’s key requirements was to identify a solution that did not burden IT operations. They selected the Daptiv PPM on-demand project and portfolio management solution, due to its flexibility, scalability, and the fact that it is a SaaS platform and no installation is required. The fact that Daptiv PPM is a comprehensive solution, that covers all aspects of project management was also a key factor.

The Results

The evaluation took place during some presentations and the use of a test environment for a few weeks. The initial implementation and customization of the solution also took only a few weeks. Schweizer Electronic benefited from the support of the certified Daptiv specialists during the evaluation process and the implementation of the solution. With a unified system, the project business is now more transparent and setting priorities within the project portfolio more effectively.

Changepoint’s local certified partner, CBG Informatik, led a 5-day coaching and implementation workshop to fully optimize Daptiv PPM for Schweizer Electronic’s specific requirements.

Currently, at Schweizer Electronic’s Schramberg site, 100 employees are standard users of Daptiv PPM with another 40 employees using it for time management. The employees who are only partially involved in a project, record their working hours devoted to the project. Daptiv PPM is used for capacity and resource planning of individual projects as well as for the evaluation and control of the entire project portfolio.




Lack of transparency, project coordination and overall visibility of the portfolio

Daptiv PPM


  • Improved project and portfolio reporting.
  • Transparency in the planning process.
  • Standardized project management across projects.
  • Minimal disruption to IT operations.

"The performance of Daptiv PPM quickly convinced us. As a SaaS solution, Daptiv PPM is ideal because our IT operations are minimally affected."

Irina Geiger

Head of PMO, Schweizer Electronic