The story

About SAES Group

SAES Group is a world leader in the development and production of advanced functional materials for numerous industrial and scientific applications. The Group has a rich heritage of product innovation with more than 300 inventions stretching back more than 70 years. Today, SAES Group employs 150 highly skilled personnel dedicated to driving Research & Innovation activities.

Today, SAES Group maintains manufacturing facilities across two continents, as well as a global sales and technical service network.

The Challenge

Research and innovation are the core of SAES Group’s business model therefore the project management must be reliable, efficient and responsive to the business needs.

Prior to implementing Changepoint PPM, SAES Group used  several tools to manage projects. This posed some difficult challenges. The project management tools were not dedicated ones, but mainly components of the Group’s financial accounting systems, which were not specific for technical project management.

In addition, more tools were used for different parts of the project management process–one for planning projects, one for tracking projects, one for budget management. These tools were not integrated with each other, which meant workarounds and more time needed to extract the necessary reports and data, as well as time to reconcile discrepancies.

Not to mention, the same resources, instruments and competencies were often used for short-term activities such as testing or analysis for other Group companies or third parties in addition to managing major innovation projects.

The project management tools in place were not flexible enough to adjust to short-term activities that only lasted a few days.

The Solution

When SAES Group assembled a multifunctional team to select a new project management tool, it was with the understanding that they needed a dedicated, integrated tool to manage its varied projects. The system must be flexible enough to take into account the fact that resources (both people and equipment) may have multiple purposes, including both innovation projects and customer assistance activities.

Once the requirements were established, the team began researching and benchmarking the tools on the market.

Changepoint was selected unanimously by the SAES Getters’ team, mainly for its ability to fulfil their requirements and integrate all of the processes used by the Group, and ensure Chinese walls and information segregation.

The Results

Using Changepoint PPM provided SAES Getters with the opportunity to manage its processes with a more standardized and uniform approach.

Speed is essential for managing innovation processes, so the ability to both react quickly and understand the impact of any changes is a key benefit realized by SAES Getters’ use of Changepoint.

According to Massimo Moneta, Corporate Research & Development Control manager at SAES Group: “Changepoint has the capability to be the reference for technical management of all SAES Group activities. One system, one repository, one reference point for everything.”

Initially, Changepoint PPM was deployed to researchers in SAES Getters’ headquarters location, with plans to expand usage globally. The tool has been adopted extremely quickly. In fact, 6 months after go-live, 70 percent of licensed users use Changepoint PPM daily. It has become an essential part of SAES Getters’ innovation management toolkit.

Massimo Moneta commented: “This metric indicates that Changepoint is not like a magnificent artefact placed in the factory with nobody using it. This is impressive and shows me that people are really using the system in their day to day activities!”


SAES worked side by side with MOVEO, a Changepoint partner in Italy, the perfect “glue” that enabled close collaboration between SAES and all Changepoint Business Units.

MOVEO is founded on solid experience in the fields of company organization, ICT, and the strategic management of human and business resources. They aim to build relationships that bring clients to a “balanced” and “sustainable” growth. This is precisely MOVEO’s cornerstone: the rational, knowledgeable, and strategic passage from a business model, a workflow, a tradition to another.




With innovation at the core of SAES Group’s identity, mastering project management for research and innovation is essential to the continued success and growth of the group. After 70 years in business, SAES Group needed a sophisticated technical Project Management tool capable of enabling their 150 employees’ research and innovation activities on a global scale.


Changepoint PPM


  • One source of data (“the single source of truth”)
  • Adopted across the enterprise – from technicians to executives
  • Adaptable and customizable for innovation projects
  • Broad adoption–70% of current users use Changepoint on a daily basis
  • High visibility into project and “non-project” activities

“Changepoint has given us greater control over our projects and improved insight into project health. And from that we have greater insight into the financial health of our business. It is an incredibly powerful tool and I’d not want to do without.”

Matthew Skelton

Technical Director, Priocept