If you develop contingencies to keep critical resources "on deck" you can keep schedules running smoothly. 

Managing continuous change can keep service delivery managers up at night. However there is one change that almost guarantees they won't sleep a wink - unplanned, mass absenteeism. Mass absenteeism can delay project schedules, delivery and profitability.

Resource allocation problems such as this can wreak havoc on a project's overall success. Absentee planning isn't unusual though. In fact, it is usually accounted for within capabilities of a standard services delivery solution. Things change drastically though when business disruption occurs, and those unplanned absences go from a few to many. The result? Those potential delays skyrocket. 

Many organizations are still managing absenteeism with spreadsheets, sick-leave forms, and sometimes even email. That manual, error-prone method is unsustainable when your business is turned on its head. Delivery managers can't access accurate absence records quickly nor adapt the schedule accordingly. In turn, those available resources get burned covering for those suddenly "out of pocket."   

Track unexpected absenteeism, and keep delivery on-time.

Resource Allocation Problem Mass Absenteeism


Changepoint Services Automation (SA)  software can provide insights ideal for performing skills assessments to understand potential resource staffing options, making it possible to develop contingencies that have critical resources "on deck" who are capable of keeping everything running smoothly.  

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Proactively manage and allocate your services resources



Whether your approach to resource management is from a planning or a skills perspective, it's critical to accommodate for mass absences and any associated delays.


When faced with mass absenteeism, it is critical to "load balance" your resources across projects as needed. For example, services managers should be able to access all "available resource data" for any given project. Then, when it's time to eliminate absent resources from the availability list, services managers can see the resulting effect on everything from project pipeline, to work-in-progress, to the backlog. Then, they can re-plan accordingly. Usually this kind of scenario planning requires a special set of skills. However, services automation software makes it possible to simplify the way mass absenteeism is addressed. 


Skills are just one thing that should come to the mind when managing mass absenteeism. In most organizations, skills themselves are directly related to functional roles. However, skills typically cross several roles; a limited view of availability per role often masks what is truly needed to compensate for lost resources. A services automation solution that treats resources, roles and skills as three separate entities and can apply levels across each is key. This allows services managers to search for and model the appropriate resources to keep their project tracking to time, budget and profitability - despite the absenteeism. With this level of insight, you could:

  • review available resources by skill level, and inquire how many times (and when) those resources have been allocated to a project based on that particular skill level
  • apply experience and accreditation data to a resource's skill level to ensure the right alternative resource is always assigned    
    institute a start and end date to a particular skills accreditation so alternate resources are applied according to the appropriate governance level of the project    
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Optimize your resources with a services automation solution



As they say, you'll always want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Just because there are potential delays doesn't mean your services delivery will lag. Get ahead with insights that can automatically flag and help plan for sudden, mass unavailability of resources. Whether it's due to mass absenteeism, high demand or other business stressors Changepoint SA:     

  • better positions you to balance resource workloads without burning out staff 
  • reduces the need to hire more during what are already difficult times 
  • makes projects more "resource optimized" without sacrificing profitability and customer satisfaction

With its programmatic method for tracking mass absenteeism against available resources by competency level, utilization and availability, Changepoint Services Automation software provides the operational visibility to adapt in ways that keep projects intact and thriving.

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