With BI and analytics, you can forecast risks to your service delivery projects.

When disruption occurs, uncertainty runs rampant.

Suddenly you're standing at the intersection of volatility and unpredictability. In this case, services organizations tend to get reactive. They start scrambling to figure out how to manage that uncertainty. As a services organization you need to get in front of it. If not, you risk operating in a manner that eats away at your budget, project schedule and subsequent profitability. 

Ultimately, the goal is reducing ambiguity that permeates all forms of project risk. Risk can be classified as uncertainty that matters. Operating under these "constraints of ignorance" is like flying blind - making decisions based on guesswork and hunches. It usually results in teams plugging random operational gaps as resource utilization plummets.

Identify risk factors, and measure the business impact.

How do you Manage Project Risk during Disruption

Changepoint Services Automation (SA)
software makes it possible for enterprises to assess risk across various business performance metrics, providing the interconnected visibility they need to gain agility and optimize future services delivery.

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Get predictive insights into known and unknown project risks.



When you have a full scope of known and unknown project risks then you are allowed to create a risk scoring model that:

  • scores projects by correlating project risk level with revenue potential
  • provides insights into the skill level of all your available resources  
  • continuously monitors customer state to identify issues   

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While it's understood you can't predict every risk factor, the more effective you are at surveying the future to identify and manage potential risks, the more successful you'll be at managing the various categories of project risk such as:

  • Schedule risk: The project schedule "slips" due to incorrect timing estimates, poor resource tracking and unexpected scope changes.
  • Budget risk: Budget estimates are performed incorrectly leading to cost overruns that erode margin.
  • Operational risk: Potential loss stemming from faulty process implementation, failure to establish clear roles and responsibilities, little to no resource planning, and poor collaboration.
  • Technical risk: Services delivery solution is too complex to implement and use, which often leads to failures in functionality and performance.
  • Programmatic risk: External risk beyond the project's control, such as exhausting funds prematurely, as well as changing customer priorities or government mandates.

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You can utilize services automation software with best-in-class analytics powered by Augmented Intelligence (AI) to drive operational visibility and predictability across the quote-to-cash cycle. Drill into data with AI-powered visualizations that reveal actionable insights that:

  • identify trends likely to eat at project revenue
  • provide visibility necessary for adapting to change quickly  
  • foster new ideas for driving better project delivery


Get better business outcomes.



All projects involve risk. The best business outcome resides in how well that risk is managed. Changepoint Services Automation software features real-time risk modeling capabilities that continuously gauge project health. It's a solution ideal for strengthening your overall risk management capabilities, ensuring rapid return on your investment, and helping establish a foundation for future mitigation strategies. 

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