With the right technology, you can pinpoint high-risk areas for your people. 

In the face of a cratering economy, tight resources, and shallower pockets Services Automation solutions can play a critical role in helping us understand in real-time how to correlate high-risk areas for COVID-19 with the locations of your resources.

So how do you prioritize the health of your most valuable resources? By diving deeper into a practical, data-driven solution that maximizes your technology, resources, revenue and, most importantly, people’s safety.

Pinpoint high risk areas and protect the business.SA Campaign Redesign - Geography Impacted Projects

With Changepoint Services Automation (SA) software you can see data relationships across borders to ensure regional decisions are made based on global goals and expectations. 

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Through the enablement of self-service exploration it provides a path toward understanding the underlying data, whether global or regional, leveraging imbedded AI capabilities to follow suggested paths towards a specific data point.



Utilizing the right data will help to utilize the right resources



With the right data at your fingertips, you can develop safety practices faster and more precisely, including: 

  • Establishing and deploying appropriate work-from-home policies  
  • Prioritizing asset and technology distribution to support your most at-risk team members.
  • Ensuring your team is complying with Federal and State directives regarding COVID-19

Professionals across the globe are being strongly encouraged — if not mandated — to deliver remote work environments to protect both themselves and customers. Services teams are no exception; whether you work in professional, embedded, field, or managed services, you've been forced to press pause. But your most important resources — your people — must continue delivering. It’s crucial to find strategies and tools that will keep your services delivery on time and people safe, even as disruption continues. 


Discover 5 questions every services leader should answer to stay agile during  disruption.


With mass disruption comes slowing business demand. Saving revenue is important, but it pales in comparison, however, to making sure you are protecting your most important resource, your peopleProtecting them requires an intelligent solution that helps create a culture of safety amid disruption. The most business-critical safety questions we should all ask ourselves right now are:

  1. Are my teams safe right now?
  2. How do I utilize real-time data to keep my teams safe going forward [especially with so much uncertainty on the horizon]?
  3. Which resources should be prioritized based on my data?
  4. What data do I need to assure regulatory compliance with COVID-19 mandates?


If you are a services leader, it’s possible that you are spending your days [and nights] trying to keep up with the latest findings regarding the pandemic — most notably, the health of the global community and greater economy.

At best, you're analyzing random, disparate pieces of data against your key projects to determine how to achieve best outcomes. But, with many of us focused on how to keep our teams and customers safe, it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date with the speed at which this, or any global crisis, evolves.  

With the Changepoint Services Automation software solution you have access to self-service analytics that map business metrics with external data sources. These insights lead to reliable, transparent reporting that drives better safety decisions. For example, you can: 

  • Merge critical project operational data, such as resource location, with impact risk data to highlight regions that could impact people most   
  • Build predictive visualizations that provide, for instance, a 3-month over / under into potential safety risks related to overall project success  
  • Aligning various federal and state compliance controls with regional revenue projections to formulate risk mitigating strategies more proactively 


Protect your services resources and your revenue



You now have a simplified method for analyzing project data against external sources that lead to decisions that protect your people while also prioritizing revenue generation. See how Changepoint Services Automation can help you and your services organization understand impact risk data to keep your project teams safe. 

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